Distracted driving a Serious Safety Concern

Distracted driving a Serious Safety Concern

Distracted, or inattentive driving, is on the rise. It seems like there is no end to the electronic toys available to pull us away from that oh-so-boring task of keeping our eyes on the road. It’s become enough of a problem that the U.S. Department of Transportation has a website dedicated just to this problem – www.distraction.gov.
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There is an archived summit webcast on the site that informs us:

States continue to recognize the problem and create laws specifically designed to ticket cell phone users and other types of distraction offenses.

Distracted driving killed more than 5,000 people last year and is blamed for 1.5 million injuries.

Between 2005 and 2009 there was a 10 to 16% increase in fatalities associated with distracted driving, while overall fatalities fell to the lowest level since 1950.

Those under 20 are much more likely to drive distracted.

The take home message seems to be that cars in general are becoming safer, but some drivers are getting dumber. If dumber seems too strong, remember these people are traveling up to 70+ miles per hour and trusting to luck. It has to be luck, because for those seconds (as many as five or ten) they are not paying attention, no one is really driving car accident lawyer
How far does a car travel at even 60mph in five seconds? The car travels 440 feet; more than a football field. Now add to that the time it takes to stop when they realize there is a problem… no wonder the statistics are up.

It isn’t just an expressway danger

Low speed and tragically stupid accidents are a consequence of distracted driving as well. Even at relatively low speeds. One car maybe stopped at a light or a stop sign, completely legal and seemingly safe… and another car just runs right into them. Another distracted driver on a cell phone; or doing their makeup; or even changing outfits – the ways we come up with to cause an accident are amazing.car accidents

Next time you are out in city traffic take a look at all the other drivers chatting away or eating lunch while they drive. Billings is a good place to look because Montana has no distracted driving laws on the books.

If you are a passenger in a distracted driver situation, offer to answer calls or switch places so the driver can chit-chat, eat, or do whatever it is that is putting both of your lives in danger. If you don’t act, you are agreeing to ride in a car where, in essence, no one is really driving at all. Good luck with that. More information here:

Steps to get a Cheap Auto Insurance Quote

Auto Insurance Quotes

Car Insurance for Younger Drivers

Young drivers are faced with many challenges. They have to overcome many things on their way to becoming an experienced driver. Paying for expensive car insurance should not have to be one of them. Here are some ways and places to find cheap teenager car insurance.Top Ways and Places that You can Find Cheap Auto Insurance

Cheap car insurance can be found by visiting the websites of your favorite insurance companies. Places like Progressive and Travelers offer free quotes. All you have to do is use the quote platform that is offered to consumers and your quote will be ready in a few minutes.car insurance for younger drivers

Make sure to enter your information into the system exactly the way that it is found on your current policy. By doing so you will be able to compare prices for similar coverage benefits.

Save time and get quotes through a group program. There are companies that are provide their workers with discounted car insurance. Take advantage of the program and enroll by contacting your human resources department.

Free quote can also be found online using insurance based quote platforms. These are different from traditional platforms provided by the insurance companies. This method uses one system to provide you with several quotes at once from major insurance companies.

Car Insurance, do check different Sources

It is always a good idea to shop around for a cheaper auto insurance policy. Rates fluctuate with every renewal and in some cases go up for no apparent reason. If you are looking for a teen auto insurance policy or just want to lower your current premium, then there are seven steps that you can take to lower your rate.7 Steps to a Lower Insurance Premium
Put a future effective date on every quote you receive for a small discount before the policy starts.

Get a defensive driver course completed and you can get a discount.

Have your teen take a driver training class. Just make sure to get the paperwork needed for a discount.

Shop online to get several free quotes without ever having to step into an agents office. Keep in mind that you will still have to contact an insurance agent to bind any quote that you want to buy.

Compare each and every quote that you receive to make sure that the coverage limits are all the same before making your choice.

If you find a cheap rate online that you like, then make sure to take the next step and click on the apply here button to activate the policy. No quote is good unless it gets bound by an agent or insurance company.

Pay your premium in full to avoid billing charges.

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