Month: March 2016

Shawn Bullard, the Parallel Bachelor


We TV is all set to air a show which is parallel to the extremely popular ABC’s “The Bachelor”. The new show named “Match Made in Heaven” features Shawn Bullard , an extremely dashing , masculine 33 year old black business mogul from Philly. The show premiers on Feb 4th. This show with a black bachelor comes in after a lot of controversy revolving around the show “The Bachelor” never having a Black man as its lead.The show promises to keep the audience hooked as Bullard chooses his bride rom 24 young women.

The show also features a pastor; Ken Johnson has its host and is believed to help Bullard find his soulmate. The turn essential turn of events is expected to happen when the mother of Mr. Bullard comes in the show to advise him. As opposed to giving a rose to each contestant, he would send a text to the selected candidates each week. All the 24 women are housed in a huge mansion with unlimited alcohol which is sure to bring in a lot of drama bounding to accelerate the viewership and the show’s rating. In spite of a lot of criticism from his circle of friends, Bullard is hopeful in finding his woman of dreams from the show.

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