Month: July 2019

Types Of Skull Fractures And Accident Injuries

Types of skull fractures and injuries

Severe injuries caused by the fault of another individual or group fall under the classification of negligence cases and include several types of fractures, the most traumatic of them being the skull fracture.personal injury accident

Skull fracture

Skull fractures appear when one or more of the 8 bones, which form the cranial portion of the skull get broken. This trauma usually occurs as a consequence of someone or something pressing heavily the skull of the victim. The excessive force that pressures the bones may cause damage to the physical structures that are underlying, as the blood vessels, the membranes and the brain itself, even if there are no visible injuries. This is why in most cases the actual consequences of a traumatic brain injury caused by a fracture appear months after an accident took place.

The forces that caused the trauma as well as the fracture pattern, extent, type, and position are important when assessing the injury sustained. Sometimes even a minor accident can cause a great damage to the skull of the victim. That is why even if you feel well and are not visibly injured or did not lose consciousness immediately after you have been hit by a person or object you must see a doctor and get diagnosed. Most of the skull and brain fractures are discovered at a later stage as their symptoms seem to appear a certain amount of time after the accident took place. This is why you should not hurry to give any written or taped statements about your medical state to the authorities or testify in court, describing your physical state after the injury, before some serious medical tests are done.

The major types of skull fractures that you may be suffering due to the negligent act of another may be:

linear fractures – the most common ones that rarely require an intervention
basilar fractures – they involve injuries in the bones at the base of the skull
diastatic fractures – they usually affect toddlers
depressed fractures – they may require a surgery if there is a damaged tissue

Whatever the type of skull injury you have sustained through no fault of yours the law entitles you to obtain a compensation from the negligent party. In order to do that you will need to hire a reliable law firm or lawyer. You can contact our office today for a free consultation.