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The Interview Mess


News Radio 106.7 had relieve Steve Mc coy after he agreed to the allegations issued against him. He had allegedly “recycled” a former interview by Donald Trump and endorsed it as new. In a statement released by the president of the company, it was made clear that Mc coy was no longer a part of his news driven high energy team which also comprises of Cheryl white, Drew Nelson and Randy Wiles.

Sources suggest that Mc coy had scheduled an interview with Trump but it got cancelled due to some reason. So Mc coy had decided to use an old one without actually revealing that it was recorded years ago. He also did some alterations in the script so as to avoid any misfortune. However Trump’s Public Relation team came up saying that there was no interview held, which resulted in Mc coy getting dismissed from office. Mc coy is widely known among the masses as an entertainer.

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Overview of Radio Ratings for V 104 in 2015

radio-fall-2015-vs-2014According to Nielson which is the leading provider of global information, the average radio audience has increased by more a million in the past few years. The estimated age o the youngest listener is 12 and the oldest goes up to 85. Whereas the time spent on radio by an average American is estimated to be 1 hour 45 mins, which is a remarkable improvement from the previous years. Studies also reflect that people from all races and gender is hooked on to radio irrespective of the divisions in the society.

In 2o15, V 104 redeemed itself from no.2 position to numero uno. It had a remarkable comeback with bringing hip/hop and R&B channel to its normal balance. The radio station also had an average share of 8.7. It was seen as great year, as the station also celebrated its 40th anniversary. As a year it was great for all the stations that had African Americans as their target audience, as most of them enjoyed a growth spurt when compared to the previous year. The only Chanel which suffered a setback was Majic, since they were severely blown by the upcoming o two major new classical hip hop channels.

Unlike V104, several other stations saw a recurring trend in their business just like the year before. At the same time, some stations were completely wiped off such as sports/talk90/ The Zone.

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