Month: January 2015

Weiss and Stacey Split Ways

Cez5g9bWAAAYTnuBert Weiss broke the news of his divorce on his show on Monday morning and said that they had both tried their best to save their marriage, but in vain. The couple were married or a long time and seems that they have come to a decision together. He became extremely popular with his program,” the Bert show”. Even though sad, the listeners were not the least surprised as their marital problems had been made quite obvious on the show for some time. Bert himself had said that he had felt exposed as some snide remarks by his wife had been mistakenly aired in his show. He had disclosed then that he never wanted the world to know the underlying problems between him and his wife.

The couple met in 1996, and married soon after. He has moved out of their house and has decided to live in a short distance so as to keep his children’s life as normal as possible. He and Stacy has also decided to stay as business partners for their firm, Bert’s Big Adventure a non-profit organization which helps in fulfilling wishes of chronically ill kids. Sources say that the reason for couple’s divorce is lack of love and lustre in their marriage and they had been to a marriage counsellor before which did not really help their relationship.